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Aug. 30th, 2015 11:50 am
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Jun. 7th, 2015 12:20 pm
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PLAYER: grumpycroc3
CONTACT: Hotmail vbergamo@hotmail.com. Skype name is grumpycroc3


NAME: Viti DeFalco, aka Griot
CANON: Original character.
AGE: 13
APPEARANCE: Viti is 5,0 has thick brows, with black hair down to his shoulders, and a few bangs over his eyes. He wear’s glasses, weighs 130 lbs, making him moderately overweight, and it shows with his pot belly. He slouches, as his spine is bent 10 degrees making him almost a hunch back, and puts very little care into how he dresses, but is fond of cargo pants for the pockets.

PERSONALITY: Viti’s learning disability makes self-control almost impossible. Insults can make Viti jump into rage so intense that he leaps strait for the insulter’s throat forgetting everything else, including the fact that he is often smaller and weaker than the insulter. He is particularly anxious and angry when around crowds. The same disability causes humor to be lost on him, and he if he says something funny on accident he will automatically assume that people are laughing at him, and at the very least he will give them an angry glare. In the few instances he does laugh it is because of some obscure fact only he knows, or it is because a misfortune has fallen on someone he hates. He hates many people.

Viti makes a hobby of playing strategy games like a chess and Go for they allow him to perfectly express his obsession with war and control. To the extent he has human interactions he sees them in terms of power struggles, and obsesses on strategies to overcoming his “enemies.” Though he grew up under loving parents who struggled to make him happy, and psychologists who genuinely tried to help him, he forgets this, and assumes that all humans (and other mutants) are despicable, irredeemable, creatures bent on making him miserable. He even sneaks knives, and other weapons, to school in the paranoid delusion that people will attack him. The result is that Viti spends almost all of his time brooding alone in bitter resentments towards everyone on earth.

But sometimes...

…his resentment helps others. Eight times in his life he has leaped to rage in defense of other children. On the sixth time the bully broke his finger (he was also a mutant), but on 7th and 8th he still lunged at the bullies without fear. Viti has been insulted and attacked so much that he has grown to see himself in victims, and so his resentment turns to perpetrators. In this fear has never stopped him, for determination pushes him through test, battles, isolation, and all the other challenges that his disability puts before him.

Thanks to his slowly maturing powers (see below) Viti has had brief glimpses of other people’s acts of self-sacrifice. Sometimes these acts are from big heroes like Spider-man and Wolverine. Other times they are small acts of courage from common people stopping at a car accident, or taking on an orphaned child. Always Viti remembers them, and as he does he considers, if only for a few minutes, that maybe world is bigger than his anger.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Viti has a small portal in his brain that transfers verbal and numerical information from the universe. In addition his mind can store and process much more of this information than a normal human.
Unfortunately, his learning disability prevents him from using this portal to take on abstract information such as emotions and techniques (So no mind reading). Furthermore, he can’t control his powers yet, so the portal collects information that is mostly irrelevant to his life, though he hopes the Xavier institute for the gifted will be able to teach him control.

As of now, Viti's brain portal absorbs information passively, and Viti himself has absolutely no control of what information comes in.

However, if Viti interacts with a person for over five minutes he will get, at most, six words relevant to that person from his power. He doesn't control what those words are, and he can only guess what they mean. Note more than five minutes of interaction with the person doesn't mean more information. 

If he does achieve maximum potential of his powers this is what he could do.

Intelligence gathering: Viti could know facts about a person just by thinking about him, or her. The person’s age, weight, education, mutant powers (if any), secret identities(if any), social security number, credit card numbers, computer passwrods and activities are just a few secrets he could deduce instantly about the person. He would not be able to comprehend their emotions or deep thoughts however. The LD stops him. 

Language translation: Viti could know what words mean in a language he has never heard before, even if the language wasn’t from earth. However, that does not mean he could pronounce the words. If it’s an alien language he might not even have the correct vocal cords (or other communications mechanism).

Effortless Scientific research: Viti doesn’t need google. If he needs to know about the chemical make up of methane he just think about it and in a second he knows about it.

Psychic defense: Viti could summon more information than a weaker psychic could ever process, and so the psychic would get a massive headache in the attempt to access his mind. However, stronger psychics, like Emma Frost, would be able to slowly work through the information, while the very strongest psychics, like Professor X, could cut through the defense very easily as their ability to process information vastly exceeds Viti’s.

Seconds of precognition: If Viti knows about an object, like a rolling bolder, and the laws of physics governing said object, he can predict what it will do and take evasive action, effectively giving him increased reflex speed. Fist and mutant powers are also governed by laws of physics that Viti can understand, however, an opponent can throw off his precognition, by inventing an attack move on the spot. Viti’s powers can never account for the human factor.

Here are some things that Viti’s power could never do.

Can’t understand magic: No magical spells for Viti. Indeed, powerful magic users like Dr. Strange and Colossus’s’ sister are “blurry” to Viti’s power. Beings like Thor, who are made of mystical power, register as a blank on Viti’s brain, and so are immune to his power.

Can’t instantly know techniques: Viti could use his powers to describe in detail how to do a Tai Kwan Dou ax kick, but he wouldn’t be able to actually do one. To learn techniques he has to practice just like everyone else, and even then he has trouble because of his LD.
Can’t comprehend feelings and thoughts: Viti just doesn’t have access to the insides of people’s skulls. At best he could detect hormone and chemical levels in a person’s body, and deduce some behavior patterns form past activities but none of that is the the same as really understanding a person.

Can’t know about something without thinking: If deadpool wanted to go undetected by Viti’s power, he need only ensure that Viti is not thinking of him. He could assassinate Viti in his sleep and he would never the wiser.

Can’t engage in self-exploration: Viti’s complex emotions prevent him from using his power to examine himself.

There is a caveat to all these don’ts however. If someone like Rouge or the U-men got ahold of his powers, they could use them without the hindrance of Viti’s learning disability.

Somewhere in the universe someone has invented a technological counter to Viti’s power, as Viti is not the first mutant, or being to have this power. So who invented this technology? I was hoping you mods would know.

AU HISTORY: One hour after he was born in a Baltimore hospital, Viti said his first word. The word was ohaiyou, Japanese for hello in the morning. His parents would have not have noticed if the nurse didn’t know Japanese. Viti was holding basic conversations within a few months, and his mother became convinced that he was a genius, but when he didn’t take his first steps till he was two, and when he would blurted out sounds like none other on earth, both of his parents were calling child psychologist to find out what was wrong with him.
Viti would prove able to read and speak above his grade level, but could no more no relate to other children than he could a rock. In first grade he would mention obscure facts about the chemistry of fire, the magna Carta, the difficulties of space flight, the building of the pyramids, the subtleties of quantum mechanics, and when other children shook their heads in confusions he would vent his frustration by shouting more facts louder.

By the third grade Viti learned to keep his facts to himself, for the most part, but nevertheless became infamous for his outburst. His hunched back, and inability to make eye contact made him the center of ridicule from other students, who he would then try to strangle. He also had great difficulty with math and hand writing. He looked on with envy as he watched the handwriting of other students steadily improve while his remained first grade chicken scratch. He would express frustration with constant shouting. Teaches couldn’t comprehend why someone who could understand the finer points of cellular biology, couldn’t understand the process of adding factions, and so accused him being lazy. Viti would return the favor by snapping back insults, even once chucking a chair.

Meanwhile, Viti’s parents spent years taking him to specialist after specialist, struggling to get a diagnosis for his violent behavior. Theories ranged from Schizophrenia to turrets, but none of these theories explained his knowledge from nowhere, and none of the medications prescribed soothed his anger. Viti himself suggested for years that he might be a mutant, but his parents dismissed this wishful thinking, and insane rambling, on his part. As time progressed he only became more violent.

Problems reached a peak for DeFalco family when Viti came at a bully with a knife. The bully was unharmed, but she was a mutant and a gang member. She threatened that her and her gang would “pop a hundred caps” in him as reparation for coming at her. Viti’s parents had to take him out of school, and move out of the city.

Desperate to repair their child, Viti’s parents decided to have their son committed for his own safety, even as he threw his fist up in protest at the idea. The parents hired an attorney to guide them through the process, but just as he inexplicably knew about general relativity, and Keynesian economic theory, Viti also knew about his rights.

Viti argued in court that he might be a mutant who did not have control of his powers, or might have some other problem that he had not been tested for yet. As such, further testing would be required before he could be committed, except he knew few people could conduct such test, and the backlog was huge, so the wait would be years. The court ruled in his favor, but Viti’s parents did in fact contact someone to diagnose him.

Charles of the Xavier institute was able to use cerbro to instantly confirm that he was indeed a mutant who was not in control of his powers. A quick psychic scan of Viti’s mind also confirmed that he had a learning disability. Viti’s mother cried, when she found out was wrong, and what was right, with her son, and so did Viti. Everyone agreed the Xavier institute for the gifted was the safest place for Viti to train and grow, but the effort to gain control of his life has only just begun.


I will show them I can’t be locked up! I will show them what happens when they try to throw me in padded room! I know my rights and they don’t involve putting me in a strait jacket when I haven’t even been properly diagnosed with a mental illness. (growls). It’s all completely unfair. I never up and decided that everyone around me should be a bully, I never decided that gangs should make me a target out of the clear blue, I am not the one who decided, that teachers should make me a scape goat for everything that goes wrong. I have to defend myself from these people, and now I have to defend myself from my parents.

But why should I be surprised? My parents were always fools. Do they really believe that you can have people committed on a whim? A whole court case will have to be opened, that will probably take years. I can even have an attorney who will argue for whatever I want, and since I have no diagnosis, and haven’t hurt anyone for the past month that attorney will have a strong argument. Actually I know the laws well enough to not even need an attorney. Besides even if they do win, it will be at least ten months before there is an available room to put me in. In fact, I know how to drag the process out even more. I can to be request that a health professional test me to see if I am a mutant who isn’t in control of his powers. I am not, but there are only thirty people qualified to administer such a test, and there 2,844 people who got on the waiting list just this year. By the time my name comes up on that list I will be eighteen, and my parents will not be able to say word about it.

Viti marched to the front of the classroom with his chest out and with his hands behind his back he shouted, “Sex!”
His eyes darted left to right. “Now that I have your attention, since the real teacher had to run back to his home like it was on fire, I will be teaching you all science from now on, and if you don’t want to be anyone’s fool you will listen carefully. Science is the idea that controlled experiments and observations should be used to check if people’s statements are true or not.” Viti turned to the marker board and popped off the cap of a marker. He fought the urge to complain about the stench.

“The two reasons that science exists, and this will be the first question on every test, are…” Viti’s blood red marker squeaked as he wrote what he slowly spoke. “…that people… are mistaken, and because…people lie.”

Viti whipped his attention back to his audience. “A rapist gets arrested and says, ‘Duhhhh, I didn’t do it.’ A crime lab is used to see if his DNA matches the DNA in the victim. Science. People claim the world is flat, but then Aristotle sees the round shadow on the moon during an eclipse and calls bullshit! Science. Someone calls and says your house is burning down, and then you get there and you’ve been tricked. Science. Now here is how this class is going to work I am going to…Oh. What do you know? The teacher’s back.”


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